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Nov 2022 - present

Through an open call, a group of 12 artists formed Twelve Workshops. Every month, one artist from the twelve would run a workshop for the other eleven. This meant that after one year, every artist would have practiced facilitating a workshop and participated in eleven others.

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Sept 2020 - June 2021

We took over an empty office space on Adam Street off the Strand in Central London during the strange time that was lockdown. The front door looked like 10 Downing Street which was fun and me, Hannah Dinsdale, Millie Laing-Tate and Alastair Kwan became good friends, made work together, talked, drank tea and made a collaborative publication.

Jan 2022 - present

Liquid Gold studios is an artist-run space for artistic happenings in the heart of London. We are based in an empty shop unit on 68 Southampton Row in Holborn. Through events and studios, we support young, emerging artists, promoting conversation, collective practice and investigating alternative models for a sustainable artistic practice in London.

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April 2020 - July 2021

During the first lockdown in 2020, eight artists came together every day to take it in turns to propose a 24 hour brief or task for the group. We would meet at 4pm on Zoom everyday where we would show our response and have a mini crit.

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