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Either side

Art Lacuna, London

10-26 June 2022

Either Side was a trio exhibition about the relationship between textiles, bodily interactions and physical space. It incorporates soft sculpture, wearables, interactive sound and videos to explore fabric as a membrane between internal and external matter. Rub up against talkative curtains, squeeze squidgy structures, peek through seams and under hems; absorbed in the fabric of the building.

Work shown at Either Side exhibition at Art Lacuna

Cromwell Place, London

23-27 June 2021

Proxy was the RCA Degree Show. A very covid-esque Masters at the Royal College of Art. It was odd to make three dimensional work again after dancing in my bedroom for two years. A big shower curtain with a cut-out hole either side. You put your head through the hole to realise your head it being held by the person opposite and you are holding theirs in your hands too.

RCA Degree Show at Cromwell Place

Freud Museum, London

February 2021

An online exhibition with the Freud Museum. Each artist chose an object from the museum's collection. I chose Freud's office chair and added my limbs caressing the arms and lips singing out of his head rest. It was called That Oceanic Feeling named after a feeling of being one with the external world as a whole"

That Oceanic Feeling - a work shown with the Freud Museum

Old Operating Theatre, London

February 2020

As visitors made their way up the many tight steps at the Old Operating Theatre, they could hear the sound of applause coming from the top, encouraging them up. At the top, they were then offered a free sticker to wear as a congratulatory token. 

Flesh exhibition at Old Operating Theatre in London
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